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Classy Kids news bits

Classy Kids Consignment is on Pinterest!!!

by Mona Tisler on 01/24/12

How many of you are addicted to Pinterest??? Holy cow, what a wealth of information! I love this website and organizing the boards is soo easy!

Classy Kids is now on Pinterest. There are kids storage solution ideas, safety and product info, cleaning tips as well as favorite moms groups and play centers.

Follow us and we will keep adding helpful ideas and tips as we see them! Go to Happy Pinning!!

New Year's resolution: Clear out your extra kids items & consign with Classy Kids Consignment!

by Mona Tisler on 12/20/11

Thanks to Santa, Grandma and Aunt Mary there will be an over abundance of new toys, clothes, books and video's this holiday season!!! With the year quickly coming to a close, what to do with all the stuff the kids no longer want or use???

With the Manassas sale just around the corner in late February, now (Winter break) is a great time to start preparing for the upcoming sale! Put aside toys, books, video's and clothes that have been replaced by new ones. Clean, tag and organize them a little at a time from now until the sale and you will be less stressed and more organized than EVER!!!

Here are some helpful suggestions to get started:

Keep a bin in the laundry room. After washing the clothes that don't fit, place them in the bin for tagging.

Collect toys in bins. Keep their parts in ziploc bags, seal once complete.

Have all your tagging supplies in one area. Order your tagging gun-REMINDER we are a safety pin free sale. If you need tagging barbs, we sell those too.

Start looking for hangers now, ask around. See if you can keep the ones you get from the stores.

Share your suggestions with us and help other mom's!


Preparing to consign at Classy Kids Consignment sale

by Mona Tisler on 11/07/11

With all of our busy schedules, making a few preparations now will save you time and increase your earnings in the long run. Here are some quick mom to mom tips for preparing to consign at the Woodbridge sale.

  • Prepare your items in a well-lit area. Many consignors find the lighting is poor in their basements and don't like to use their time on tagging an item that already has a stain or rip.
  • Bring only your best items. They will earn you the most money and you will utilize your time more efficiently.
  • View consigning from a business stand point. Items that carry a lot of emotional attachment may not be the best for consigning.
  • Keep all your tagging supplies in one area.
  • Review the tagging guidelines on the website.
  • Include all "extra's" or "add-ons". For example a dollhouse will sell better if it has all of it's furniture included. This allows you to earn more and clear out more things from your home.
  • Store your clothing by size and gender, thus making receiving at the sale fast and easy.
  • Contain similar toys, books, shoes etc.. together to also make placing your items on the sales floor fast and easy.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time for drop off and pick up.
  • When in doubt, just ask.

Tell us your suggestions on how you prepare for the sale. Moms and Dads will thank you for it!!

The Savings received from Classy Kids Consignment sale

by Mona Tisler on 10/19/11

Hi Everyone! Deb here. I just wanted to share how much money I saved at the Manassas sale last week and show how you too can save at the upcoming Woodbridge sale in November!!!

I was looking for a couple of specific items for my baby and FOUND them!!! Thank you to everyone who had such great items with great prices!!! You really helped my family stay within our budget. I saved at least $420!!! Here are a few tips:

  1. Plan ahead and do some research on the items you need. Price them at the store so you know how much they are new. I needed a booster seat and found the same one that I bought at the sale for $25 at Target on sale for $45 (I wonder what the regular price is!)
  2. Make a list of the items you need and list them by priority.
  3. Know your brands and their reputation. I was needing a stroller and found a beautiful well made one that retails around $400 (thanks Robin) for just over $50!!!

Here are some other examples of how much you can save by shopping at kids consignment sales:

Cradle and sway swing sells new for approx $129-136, at the sale they sell for around $75 or under.

Bouncers sell for approx $50 new, at the sale they sell for around $25 or under.

Jumperoos sell for approx $75-$95 new, at the sale they sell for $20-$50 on average.

Share what great deal(s) you received last week and how much it would of cost new.

The November sale runs from the 16th to the 20th so you have some time to plan ahead!!!


How to prepare to shop at Classy Kids Consignment sale.

by Mona Tisler on 09/28/11

Consignment shopping for kids, baby and maternity items can save you a ton of money!  You could save up to 90% off the retail price!  Why would you pay $230 for an Eddie Bauer travel system which includes the stroller and infant carrier when you get the same thing at Classy Kids Consignment for under $100??! 

If this is your first time shopping with Classy Kids Consignment or your tenth time it is always good to be prepared to shop a sale. 

  • Go through the kids closets and dressers to see what they need.  Try be detailed in your notes.  i.e. Joey needs 3 short sleeve shirts red/black/blue size 3T
  • Write down the kids measurements and shoe sizes and bring a tape measure when you shop.
  • If Joey is a size 2T shop ahead in the 3T section.  Bigger is better.
  • Brands are important!  Do you homework on brand names.  There is a difference between Carters, Gap, Gymboree, Hanna Andersson, etc.  Sizing, quality and durability can be different between brands and that affects the price.
  • Bring your phone with web access.  If you don't know what a good price is on a Little Tikes climber you can look it up on your phone.
  • We inspect each item that comes in for consignment but imperfections can be missed.  Look over your items carefully before purchasing.
  • Shop non clothing items first.  Strollers, climbers, baby equipment, etc.. sell fast!
  • Bring a basket or cart on wheels to make shopping easier.
  • Shop without the kids. 
  • Set a budget.
  • We accept cash, Visa and Mastercard (don't forget your ID).
  • Do not bring strollers with baskets!
What tips do you have?