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Consigning is a great way for you to recoup the costs of having kids.  If you have gently used maternity clothes, children’s clothes in sizes ranging from birth to 18/20, toys, children’s furniture and accessories, then gather them up, bring them to Classy Kids Consignment’s seasonal sales, and earn some money!

Process for Becoming a Consignor

1.   Request a Consignor Number
2.   Order Your Tagging Gun
3.   Review Tagging Guidelines,
4.   Review Consignors Information Packet &Tagging Guidelines Video
5.   Gather & Prepare Items 
6.   Start Tagging
7.   Drop off your items

1.  Request a consignor number .  
  • You will need this to access the tagging program and track your items.
  • You only need to apply once, as your consignor number remains the same for every sale. 

2.  Order your Tagging Gun and gather your tagging supplies:
For your tags, you will need the following supplies:
  • Tagging gun or large safety pins
  • Card stock (white or light colors only) with a weight of at least 65 lbs
  • Hangers
  • NOTE—We are a safety pin free sale.  This means you need to use a tagging gun to tag your items.   This is to protect your items!   We do offer tagging guns at wholesale prices.  You will receive  a new, high quality tagging gun and barbs, which will make tagging faster and more efficient for you while decreasing the likelihood of your tags being switched with others. The price of $22.50 includes the gun and 500 barbs, and includes direct shipping to your home.  Tagging guns are shipped from VA within 24-48 hours.

3.  Review Tagging Guidelines.
  • Each item must have its own tag unless you are selling multiple pieces/items together as a set.
  • Example: 3 pairs of white sandals - even if they are identical to each other, each pair must have an individual entry/tag in the tagging program as each tag has its own unique number and can only be scanned at the register ONE time.
  • Example: 3 books to be sold as a set - Make one entry/tag that lists all 3 books and that they are being sold together as a set.
  • Tags must be printed on light or white colored cover stock or card stock 65 lbs. or more in weight.  This can be purchased at any office supply or craft store.  Do NOT use plain printer paper, construction paper or copy paper. 
  • All tags should be attached on the front of the item (onto the inside size tag or a seam).   Be careful not to damage the fabric!!!!
  • If you have any further questions that are not covered by the Consignors Information Packet or the Video, click on the HELP button on the inventory page.

4.   Review Consignors Information Packet which can be accessed by Loging into the Tagging Program
  • To access the program:
  • Please read all of our TAGGING GUIDELINES carefully as we take this information and its importance VERY SERIOUSLY.
  • Watch the video to see the proper way to attach your tags.
  • Hints for finding hangers and tips for pricing/selling your items can be found in the consignors info packet.

5. Gather & Prepare Items 
  • Gather your items, inspect them, clean them, and hang any clothing that you plan to sell.
  • Items must be clean and in great condition.
  • All electronics must have working batteries.

 6.  Start Tagging
  • Enter your items then print and attach tags.

7.  Bring your items to the sale location during the designated times for receiving. 
  • We inspect each item that comes in for consignment to be sure that it is up to our sales standards.
  • Next you take all accepted items and place them on the sales floor. 

That is it!  We handle the rest!  Each evening during the sale the inventory is updated and you can see which items have sold.  Have questions?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.       

The best part—your check will be mailed within 3 weeks of the end of the sale.    

Reasons to be a 
Classy Kids Consignor:
  • Consignors earn 55% (and volunteering can help you earn additional opportunities to shop, save, and earn up to 70%).
  • The community of Prince William has supported and raved about our sale year after year.
  • Voted “Best Consignment Sale in DC & Northern VA” Spring 2010 & Best Consignment in PWC 2012 & 2014.
  • Successful and continually growing sales since 2005.
  • Prince William County's largest and best organized sale.
  • Multiple sales events located in Manassas & Woodbridge.  Events are widely marketed and advertised.
  • Our exclusive tagging program makes it simple for you to price your items, check on inventory during a sale, and track items that you are consigning.
  • We are continually working with our consigners, clients, and advertisers to make your experience easy and profitable.
  • Sales events are very organized and easy to shop.

Manassas consignmentManassas consignment
Manassas consignmentManassas consignmentManassas consignment
Manassas consignmentManassas consignmentManassas consignmentManassas consignment
Manassas consignmentManassas consignmentManassas consignment
Manassas consignmentManassas consignment
Manassas consignment
Manassas consignmentManassas consignment
Become a Consignor

  • Earn 55%-70%!
  • Volunteer & fee waived!
  • Shop before the public!
  • Clean out and cash in!

Effective 1/1/2015-We are no longer
accepting  VHS tapes at our sales.