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“Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much.”
~Francis Bacon

Frequently Asked Questions by Shoppers
Frequently Asked Questions by Consignors
Frequently Asked Questions by Volunteers

Frequently Asked Questions by Shoppers

Do you have a full time store location? 
No, we are a seasonal sale and only operate for one week during each sales event.

Do you take donations?
No. We are not a non-profit and are not set up to take donations.

What is the Dollar Dash?
The Dollar Dash is our last sale day.  Any items not already sold, or that haven’t been picked up by consignors the previous day, are sold for $1 each.

What forms of payment do you take?
NO CHECKS!   We accept cash, Visa and MasterCard.  Credit Cards require valid ID.  NO CHECKS! 

Can I bring my kids to the sale while I shop?
Although you are permitted to bring children with you while you shop, we highly encourage you to come without children.  Our sales can get very crowded and may not be the most fun place for little ones.  If you choose to bring your children they MUST stay with you at all times and may not play with the items that are for sale!  We do not offer any sort of childcare.

Do you charge admission?
We only charge admission on Opening Day from 9am-12:59pm.  Admission is $5 CASH.  We do not charge admission starting at 1pm on Opening Day or any other public sale days!

Frequently Asked Questions by Consignors

Do I need to register for each sale?
You only need to register as a consignor once. Your consignor number will stay the same for every sale.

Is there a participation fee? Yes, $10 per sale. The fee will be waived if you barter or volunteer 4 or 8 hrs. 

If I volunteer and consign do I earn more? Yes, consignors who volunteer 4 hours earn 60% of their sales. Volunteer 8 hours, earn 70% of your sales. **Bartering does not apply to this option**

Do first time consignors need to make an appointment to bring in their items?
Yes, We recently changed to scheduling receiving appointments.  This will help keep the line moving at a steady pace and you won't have to wait as long. Please request a 15 minute slot for every 100 items you have.

How long does receiving take?
With our new receiving appointments we hope you wont need to wait.  Please request a 15 minute slot for every 100 items you have.

How many items can I consign?
Minimum 10 items ...maximum 2000 items per event.  We also limit the number of clothing items for sizes 0-12m to 40 items total per gender.

Where can I get hangers?
I have always had great luck with children's clothing stores.  There are several stores that just throw their hangers away and will gladly give you a bag full. Also check ebay, Freecycle, Craigslist, Wal-Mart and also dollar stores.

Where do I buy stock paper?
Stock paper, also called card stick or cover stock, must be 65 lbs. or more.  It can be found at any store that carries office supplies such as Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, etc, as well as craft stores. The paper must be a light color so the barcode is easily scanned.

Where do I buy a tagging gun or can I use safety pins?
We no longer accept items that have tags attached with safety pins.  You need to use a tagging gun to attach your tags to clothing.  It allows for faster, more efficient tagging and leaves less opportunity for fraud or tag switching to occur. We offer a high quality tagging gun right here on our website.  Click on our Consignor’s Page to view the information and to purchase your tagging gun and barbs, which will be shipped directly to you.  Please view our Tagging Guidelines for instructions and tips for tagging.

Do I get my hangers back after the sale?
When clothing is brought to checkout, we take the clothes off the hangers and place them in large boxes.  Unfortunately, we do not have the time or manpower to sort all the hangars individually.  However, you are welcome to take hangars home when you come to pick up your unsold items.

Do I need to have the clothes up on hangers when dropping them off or do I need to just provide hangers for you to put them?
All clothing MUST be hung on hangers , tagged, and ready to be hung on racks on the sale floor. 

I don't want my items reduced at the 25% and 50% off sale. What do I do?
When you enter items into our Tagging Program, for each item there is a place to indicate whether or not you would like it reduced at the 50% off sale or to leave it at full price. The program puts a circle around the price which indicates the item will remain at full price throughout the sale.

How do I attach tags to toys, books and shoes?
Tags can be attached with clear packing tape except on books and cardboard boxes please use masking tape or painters tape. For shoes you can attach the tag with string or tape. DO NOT TAPE OVER THE BARCODE!!!!  It is very important that you attach the tag to the item and not the packaging!!!

What is the Dollar Dash?
The Dollar Dash is our last sale day.  Items not already sold, or that have been abandoned by consignors are sold for $1 each.  Any items not picked up by the designated pick up times, become the property of Classy Kids Consignment.  Consignors are not paid for items sold at Dollar Dash.  

How does pick up work?
Before the date of pickup, access and print a copy of your inventory in our tagging program.  During the designated pick up date and times, consignors look through the racks and find their unsold items.  You will need to bring a bag, box or cart in which to carry your items out.

What if I am missing an item?  Does Classy Kids Consignment pay me for that item? 
We try to take precautions to keep you from becoming a victim of shoplifters, which is why we need so many volunteers to act as vigilant eyes and why we prohibit strollers with baskets to be brought into our sales.  However, Classy Kids Consignment is not liable for any missing items. We can only pay consignors for the items that are sold.

When will my check be mailed?
All checks are mailed within two weeks following our last sale day.  We are exploring options to expedite the process.

Check questions:
Checks expire after 90 days.  We will not reissue an expired check.  To reissue a non-expired check, there is a $25 stop payment and reissue fee.  Click here to request a new check.

What happens to the items that are not picked up by consignors?
Items left by consignors after the designated pick up times become the property of Classy Kids Consignment and may be sold at the Dollar Dash sale.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Volunteering:

If I consign with CKC, am I required to also volunteer?
No, you can consign without volunteering.  However, if you volunteer at least 4 hours the participation fee of $10 is waived.  Check out our Incentive Table for other volunteer incentives.

How does volunteering benefit me as a consignor?
If you volunteer at least 8 hours, you can increase your commission by 15%, the participation fee is waived, you shop earlier and find the best selection! Volunteer 4 hours, you can increase your commission by 5%, the participation fee is waived and you shop earlier. Check out our Incentive Table for other volunteer incentives.  We also have bartering options if you would like to shop earlier as well. Provide a meal or drinks and you too can shop at an earlier time. See our volunteer sign up schedule for the days meals are needed.

Can I volunteer without consigning?
Yes!!  We welcome all volunteers!  If you choose to volunteer at least 4 hours, you receive a pass to our Volunteer Pre-Sale prior to the rest of the public.  Check out our Incentive Table for other volunteer incentives.

How does bartering and volunteering 4 hrs work?  If you barter (provide a meal) and volunteer at least 4 hrs the participation fee is waived, consignors will earn 65% commission on their sales and be able to shop the Volunteer Pre-Sale prior to the public. Volunteer 8 hrs and barter offers the 70% commission, fee waived & shopping at 10am before the public.

Many of your volunteer shifts are during the day—can I bring my kids with me?
No.  Under NO circumstances are children permitted to accompany you during your volunteer shift(s).  NO EXCEPTIONS! For Moms who need childcare during your shifts, consider pairing up with another mom, take turns watching the children, and then come shopping together!